Volodymyr Tykhyy

Born in 1971 in a town of Chervonohrad in Lviv region. In 1997 graduated from the Faculty of Feature Film Directing, workshop of Mykhailo Illienko of Kyiv State Institute of Theatrical Art. Worked in television, at different Ukrainian state and private film studios. His feature film debut is Car Washer (2001). Participant and prize-winner of all-Ukrainian and international film festivals in Romania, Germany, Slovakia.    

Filmography of Director 

1996: Mermaid

2001: Car Washer

2003: A Merry Company

2007: My Little Daughter

2008: A Mysterious Island

2008: A Button

2009: Project « F***ers.  Arabesques»: Shit!

2009: Project « F***ers. Arabesques»: In memory of Piter

2009: Project « F***ers. Arabesques»: Early morning  

2010: Project « F***ers. Arabesques»: Sveta

2010: Project « F***ers. Arabesques»: Intro

2011: Project «Ukraine, goodbye!»: Hamburg

2011: Project «Ukraine, goodbye!»:

Nuclear Waste Nominated for European Film Academy Award
A Myroslav Slaboshpytskyy film got nominated as the Best Short...
Nuclear Waste Gilded in Belgrade
A Myroslav Slaboshpytskyy film won a 'Golden Medal' at the Belgrade IFF...
Nuclear Waste Goes for the ‘Yellow Oscar’
A Myroslav Slaboshpytskyy film will compete at the Uranium IFF in Rio de Janeiro
"A Date" by Yevhen Matviyenko in Clermont-Ferrand
A "Ukraine, Goodbye!" film at the most prestigious short film festival in the world
"Ukraine, Goodbye!": The Premiere at Molodist IFF
On October 25 at the 42nd Kyiv Molodist IFF, the gala premiere of the film anthology “Ukraine, Goodbye!” is scheduled. It is a new project by the "Angry Ukranians" film community, a reflection on internal and external emigration of contemporary Ukrainians...
"Ukraine, Goodbye. Almanac"
Six short films off of the “Ukraine, Goodbye!" project are being theatrically released on the 1st of November, 2012...
"Reed" Is a Winner of Tarkovsky Prize
Ruslan Batytskyy’s film is a winner in Best Fiction category...
KINOSHOCKed by "Nuclear Waste"
Myroslav Slaboshpytskyy's film became the Best Short at the film festival in Anapa, Russia...
“Reed” in Nachalo Film Festival Contest
Films of off the “Goodbye, Ukraine!” project keep travelling around the globe. This time to Russia...
“Nuclear Waste” Caught a Silver Leopard
Myroslav Slaboshpytskyy’s film of off the “Goodbye, Ukraine!” project received a Leopard of Tomorrow award at the Locarno Film Festival…

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